Industrial Ice Machines
VOGT-Tube Machine

VOGT-Tube-Ice machine is the most energy efficient ice producing machine on the market. In fact, the cost of the Tube-Ice machine can be steadily recouped by the enormous savings you realize when you compare your energy bill with what it might have been had you not bought VOGT.

Heavy-duty components and non-corrosive stainless steel construction contribute to the long life of Tube-Ice machines. A Vogt's serviceable life expectancy is in excess of 25 years and new VOGT Tube-Ice machines come with a lifetime warranty on most major components---the best in the industry.

Also, you experience fewer maintenance problems, because of our time-honored quality craftsmanship. Every one of our machines is built by a team member whose name is recorded as responsible for that machine. He is proud of his work, and so are we.

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